About The Author

Alan Smith PhotoHi and welcome to moresnores.com. This site is designed with the aim of helping you to be able to get a good nights sleep. I know how difficult it can be to get a good nights rest. But I’m also aware of the importance of getting a good nights rest. It is well proven that if you don’t get adequate rest then your energy levels, performance and health can suffer dramatically. This is where we are able to step in and help.

I’m Alan Smith

Throughout my life I have had ups and downs when it comes to my sleeping patterns. Even though there has been some difficulty in getting good rest I’ve always managed to get through it somehow and be able to get a good unbroken sleep. Now with my techniques and routines during bedtimes I can easily do this.

In my family there are others who suffer as well. My partner has also suffered from sleep issues more than me so I can also draw valuable experiences from her as well.

Why Do I Want To Share This With You?

Because of the challenges that I know have had so influence over me and my partners life I want to share all these experiences with you. If even only a small amount of my knowledge is of benefit to someone then that’s got to be worth it, hasn’t it? I’m sure we all know of someone who really suffers because of a lack of sleep and how much it really does affect them.

Fortunately for me my skills and techniques honed over the years have enabled me to safely say that I can sleep anywhere. I am easily able to sleep on oil rigs, barges in high seas and always sleep on aircraft both planes and helicopters. If you can use some of my techniques and they help you then it was all worthwhile, I’m certain you would think so too.

The End Game

To summarize our objectives is to give users the best chance possible of having a good nights rest. We firmly believe that this is a basic human right that most of the time is left sorely lacking. Through use of the techniques and routines contained within the site we are hoping to achieve a good nights rest for everyone!

If you have any good questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Alan Smith