Buy Travel CPAP Machine – We Show You How To Get One

Holiday LuggageWith your condition I’m sure that you have been finding that you have been managing it pretty well up until now. But all that has changed due to you having to travel for work or maybe even a holiday. Dreading the time you will be away without power and your own device at home. Well, you need to find out where you can buy travel CPAP machine that will solve your problem, and we know how.

There are numerous designs on the market to choose from. There are a few choices between units so it helps to know how you use your machine and also how you plan on using it. Some of these devices can be extremely lightweight, and others offer options like humidifier upgrade options or even in-built.  Here is what Wikipedia says about them. If you are not sure, I have tried to explain the differences in some features in a few that I know about.

Portable By Nature

Camping In Middle Of NowhereObviously these are designed with portability in mind. It’s in their very nature. But how you are planning on using it may influence your ideal choice. Some of them do have options that others do not, so if you rush in you may find that the features you want or expect, are not included. So it pays off to do your homework and make sure that the features you want are included or can be added.

The first thing to check for is the humidifying capabilities if you want them. Some devices do not have this option which would obviously cause issues if the machines give you a dry mouth. Some do not have the upgrade. For portability and ease of use these functions require either bottled water, tap water or no extra water at all, depending on the model.

Camper Out In The OpenAnother item that is quite important is the true battery life of each device. If you are going off the grid, then you want to know your battery isn’t going to let you down. You want as many other power options as you can like extra batteries or DC charging. This way you will never be let down when you are far out in the wild, at the mercy of the elements!

Some devices have been shortlisted as contenders for the best devices on the market today. Their strengths and weaknesses have been listed below to assist in your selection of the right one for.

Philips Respironics Dreamstation Go

Philips Respironics Dreamstation GoThis machine has one of the best humidifying systems available. The optional upgrade system is stated by the manufacturer to be filled with only tap water! No more keeping stocks of bottled or boiled water this device. That makes this device a favorite with users who require a lot of moisture in their inhaled air.

Key Benefits

  • Use any mask
  • Touchscreen
  • Bluetooth and App
  • Microflex tubing
  • Use any water
  • USB power out
  • 13 Hours usage at 10cm


  • Some may dislike the noise
  • 1.86 pounds
  • Chunky machine

Dreamstation Hose And MaskWhile this device is chunky, that has to be expected from a machine that has an additional tank. That is if you take the upgrade. But I find that the upgrade is almost always taken as that is the feature that sets these devices apart from the rest.

There are more portable devices on the market if you prefer something a little more compact with in-built self humidifying systems.

Visit the full review of the DreamStation Go to get all the details including user feedback and latest prices

ResMed AirMini

ResMed AirMini DeviceThe ResMed AirMini has to be one of the most portable devices around. It is also claimed between users to be one of the most comfortable to use as well. Ultra lightweight device and masks are the main benefits in this device and key to its success.

The only drawback with this model that you have to be aware of is the fact that they can only be used with a limited number of masks. At the time of writing there were five masks available in the AirFit range that could are compatible with this device.

Key Benefits

  • Amongst lightest – 0.66 pounds
  • Waterless humidifier
  • Bluetooth and App
  • USB power out
  • DC converter option
  • Comfortable masks
  • Very compact kit


  • No integrated battery
  • Only fits certain masks
  • Humidifier works on certain masks only

ResMed AirMini KitAlthough this device is one of the most portable, I feel it is let down with the battery issue. As it has no integrated battery pack, I think it lets it down a bit. The upgrades available for battery capabilities seem a bit of an afterthought with trailing cables between pack and device. Other manufacturers have come up with quite novel ways of getting around this with various integrated battery packs. Add the leads and battery it becomes less compact.

Overall reception of this device was still quite good due the most users liking the lightweight masks which make them very comfortable and the compact design aiding travel. I find that most users don’t buy the additional battery upgrade for these devices.

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Human Design Medical Z2 Auto Travel CPAP

HDM Z2 Auto Travel CPAPOne of the features this device has is an improved noise function caused by a different tone of the motor. Most users find it quieter but there are exceptions. Some reports have come back from a few users who find that the tone is too close to the sound of white noise and they can’t sleep.

The device has quite a few different battery options so if you don’t think the tone of the noise will affect you then you may find it to be a really good choice for you.

Key Benefits

  • Amongst lightest – 0.65 pounds
  • Waterless humidifier
  • Bluetooth and App
  • Q-Tube Muffler
  • Fits any mask
  • Powershell battery upgrade option
  • Ultra quiet


  • No DC inputs
  • Limited features
  • Some users dislike the tone

Z2 Auto CPAP With Powershell BatteryWhile it is also one of the quietest devices in measure of decibels on the market, it has very limited features on the app. So don’t expect some of the more advanced tracking features as available on the other devices listed above.

These devices may be limited in features but as they are significantly less expensive it may make up for it for some. If you like a compact budget device for using while you are away, then this may be the one.

Somnetics Transcend 3 Auto Mini CPAP

Transcend 3 Auto Mini CPAPSomnetics have managed to produce a very adaptable device here. I feel with all the battery options and DC inputs it is a great device for users who find themselves off the grid for extended periods. I find it has one of the best batteries for what it does.

Stats on the Multi-Night battery show it can power 14cm for 16 hours. Real world experience has users reporting up to 30 hours run time at around 6cm of air. As you may well know, battery usage depends greatly on usage conditions, among many others.

Key Benefits

  • Quiet device
  • Multi-Night battery option
  • DC inputs
  • Solar charging option
  • Drying mode
  • Fits any mask
  • Multi-travel adapter


  • No humidifier options available
  • Limited data view
  • Low therapy tracking

Transcend P8 Battery PackThe device may have exceptional battery life and versatility due to the DC input options as mentioned, but sometimes one of the things that let it down is in the design quality.

Many users say it seems that the construction is a bit flimsy. Parts seem though they are made tight and may break in use. No incoming rush with reports of them falling apart does seem to say that they are actually OK, even if they do seem flimsy.

The lack of a humidifying option may put off a lot of users. If this is a requirement that you do need, then this is not the machine for you. Otherwise, if you are off the grid and can deal without the need for humidifying functions, you may find that this device may suit your needs perfectly.

Visit the full review of the Transcend 3 Auto Mini Cpap to get all the details of this device and the latest prices

Needs Must

Keep It Up LogoI know how important it is to have the correct machine. But no matter what machine you decide to get there is something to make sure and not overlook. It must be used all the time.

The benefits from these devices are built up over time so it is imperative for the correct treatment that they are always used. I hope that you are able to find the right device that suits your needs perfectly. Read what I have to say about them in operation.

If you have experienced these machines or suffer from sleep apnea why not post a quick reply to help others with their struggle. Or even if you have used them and found they didn’t work for your let others know what you found while using them. On that note, I wish your all a very good night!

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  1. Great information on the different types of CPAP Machines and the pros and cons for each one. I do not use one but I have family that does and now I can get in on the conversation and actually know a little more and some of their concerns will be familiar thanks to the information provided here.

    • Hi Cynthia,

      I’m glad that I was able to inform you better about your family members struggles. It is not the easiest condition to have to live with.

      Hopefully you can engage your family about the device a little now.

      Thanks for your reply,


  2. Hi Alan,

    Thank you for this review on CPAP Machines. My husband and I are thinking of getting an RV but he knows it is already difficult for him to fall asleep at home, we don’t know whether he’ll be able to sleep on an RV. With this information from you article, we get a solution for when we need to get a CPAP machine in the future. I think we’ll probably go with Philips Respironics Dreamstation Go. We do have a humidifier at home but that machine should stay in the house.


    • Hi Ferra,

      Yes the most popular device with a proper humidifier is the Philips Respironics Dreamstation Go. I hope your husband is able to manage using it so he can get away in his RV!

      The Dreamstation Go does have the Microflex tubing so should be mush more comfortable to use.

      Thanks for the reply too.



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