Things That Will Help You Sleep – Your Guide To Good Rest

Girl Asleep In BedI’m sure you’ve been there. Tossing and turning in the bed at night. You know you have just got to be up early. Worrying now that you won’t be able to get up in time. Well all is not lost.

There are solutions out there and there’re things that will help you sleep that we can help you with. Whether you prefer utilizing natural remedies and techniques or something more clinical there are always ways that can help you.

Why do we need to get good rest?

Tired Man

Am I really asking you this question? In fact, even though you know you should get good rest, you like to ignore all the reasons why. It makes it easier to deal with when you know you don’t get enough.

If you have the occasional night that you don’t get enough sleep, there are changes to your mood. You are more irritable and have a lack of concentration. You probably also feel tired and may even nap during the day.

This compounds if things continue and then it can become more serious and put you at higher risk of mental issues including anxiety and depression. There are other health implications that you are at increased risk of developing when you don’t get enough rest. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes and your sex drive are all adversely affected, to name a few.

How much rest is enough?

Messed Up BedclothesThis does actually vary according to your own needs as everyone is different. The definition for an adequate sleep is around about 8 hours for an adult.

This does need to be good sleep, though. You may find you are having a disturbed sleep and that does not help. It will negatively affect you. When you feel that you are getting up and still feel tired during the day, longing for an extra nap then that’s probably a good indicator that you need to get more rest.

Methods and routines to help prepare for a good sleep

Man Stretching Out On A MatMost of the time the lack of sleep can be attributed to a bad routine. Habits that are formed that don’t create the right environment that encourages you to sleep easily. There are various techniques that can be employed that may help. This one is a favorite of mine, the breathing technique. It helps to empty your mind:

  1. Breathe in slowly and deeply. Do this for around four seconds.
  2. While breathing in, recite to yourself ‘time to get to bed, sleep time 8 hours’ or however many hours you will sleep for.
  3. Now, start the breath outwards. Steadily again, taking the same four seconds.
  4. This time recite into yourself ‘sleep time, sleep time, wake up 8 o’clock’.
  5. Repeat.

This procedure is actually a well-known technique with many variances but I find it helps me. You can vary your own words but it helps to empty your mind. Once you get into the habit of doing it, you will find it allows you to clear your head easier. Take a look here to see how it helps sleep.

Girl Watching Laptop In BedMany other bad habits can be formed if you use your bedroom as a lounge. Sometimes it’s necessary to condition ourselves for sleep and shouldn’t be using the bedroom as a lounge. Only go to the bedroom once you are going to sleep. Don’t read a book in bed or watch TV before bed, in bed. Do this in your lounge first then when you feel tired retire to the bedroom.

If you feel that you are not getting to sleep, sometimes it’s better to stop trying. I know this sounds a bit backwards but bear with me. If you have spent over half an hour trying to sleep unsuccessfully then you may find it harder now to sleep. Sometimes it is of more benefit to get up again for say 20 minutes. Have a glass of water. Out of the bedroom. Once you have been up for a while lights on etc you may find that it’s easier to sleep when you try again.

Alternative therapies that can aid with sleep

Aromatherapy Burner With OilThere is an endless selection of alternative therapies can can help you to achieve a good nights rest. There are varying opinions on the results of each. Some of the best known take the form of acupuncture and aromatherapy.

It would be of benefit to speak to an expert in their field on each alternative therapy although some can be practiced at home. Aromatherapy can be used in oils applied on bedclothes or burnt in specially designed devices.

Other types of therapies including massage, hypnosis and yoga are thought to have positive benefits to aid in your sleep. These should only be practiced once you have spoken to an expert as they can be dangerous to an untrained individual.

Medications and remedies that can help

Doctor Holding Assorted MedicationIf you decide to go for an over the counter tincture there are so many to choose from. The first time you try one of these it is recommended to go for something that is non-drowsy. The reason for this is that you may be left feeling worse when you get up than if you just had a lack of sleep. Only increase the strength to the drowsy variety if you find that the non-drowsy aren’t effective.

This form of remedy is supplied in so many forms that you should have no issues taking your medication of choice. They are widely available in tablet form and liquid preparations. One thing to consider though, while using this type of medication, that alcohol must be avoided as these can be dangerous when mixed with these drugs.

Just to refresh

Silhouette Of Person jumpingNow you are more aware of the reasons why it’s important to get a good nights sleep. Hopefully you also are able to find help in maybe trying out some things listed here. Everyone should be able to wake up every morning of every day ready to face the challenges that ensue, feeling refreshed and full of energy. And it is possible if you can only find what works for you. Take a look here to say what Wikipedia says about sleep!

If you have tried any of these techniques why not post a quick reply to help others with their struggle. Even if you have tried it and found that it didn’t work for you let others know what you found while trying it. On that note, I wish you all a very good night!