Transcend Mini Travel CPAP Review – How It Ticks The Boxes

Transcend 3 Mini CPAP KitBuy Now Button Transcend 3 Mini CPAP DeviceLooking for your new portable CPAP device? My Transcend Mini Travel CPAP review has all you need to know about the machine. This could be your next travel CPAP, so let’s see if it has everything you need and expect.

One of the unique features of this device has to be its adaptability. There are so many power options and different battery choices that it is very durable. This device will excel in an environment where mains power is limited.

Device Overview

The Transcend 3 is a travel CPAP device for users on a budget. Although it is a relatively inexpensive device, it packs a lot of features. You would be surprised to find out all the software it has under the hood. Even though it is a cheap device, your treatment won’t leave you feeling like you have cut corners.

Transcend 3 In HandThis device is so practical in the wilderness. Fitting into the palm of your hand, it is easily transported. With all the options available for power and its rugged design, it can almost go anywhere!

Another CPAP device that has not got silent running. This device is rated at 30db, so not as quiet as some other travel CPAP’s. It does only weigh in at just over 1 pound though, so it’s not all so bad.

To try to look into some features of the Transcend 3 auto mini CPAP I will highlight some of these ideas with further details:

  1. Battery and power options
  2. Size and weight
  3. Humidifier options
  4. Functions and features
  5. Simplicity of the User Interface
  6. Flexibility during use
  7. Operating range and stats

By breaking down these items into some better detail, hopefully you can get a good idea if the Transcend 3 is right for you.

Battery Choices, Charging And Supply

Transcend 3 P4 Single Night BatteryThis is the best topic to start on for this device! It really succeeds in being a device that you could easily rely on where power is limited. From the choice of either a P4 single night battery or the P8 overnight battery options you won’t be lacking on power.

These relatively small packs provide the Transcend 3 with power for extended periods. The P8 overnight battery has been stated by the manufacturer to be able to supply 14cm H2O for over 16 hours! Now, I would say that at that high a pressure it is pretty impressive for a travel CPAP device.

Somnetics Transcend 3 Solar Battery ChargerAnother really excellent little option that has got be of great benefit is the solar charger. Imagine being away camping for a week. Armed with a P8 battery you can do this. Just charge up your battery during the day with the solar charger.

Worried there may be no sun? Well, they have thought of it all. Using the handy 12v power kit option you can charge your battery or even run your device off your car battery, or any other 12v source. Look at the battery stats on the manufacturer’s website.

Size, Weight And Noise

Transcend 3 Hand SizedAs you can see the device easily fits into the palm of your hand! This mini CPAP is a very compact device which can tuck away quite easily. The Transcend 3 comes in a handy little padded travel bag for ease of handling. The dimensions of the device are: 7.48 in x 3.74 in X 3.7 in (19 cm x 9.5 cm X 9.4 cm).

You won’t find yourself straining too much if you are carrying it around you while out walking or cycling, either. It has to be one of the lightest devices available at only 1.09 pounds! Now that is one light CPAP device.

Even though this device is rated at 30db, it really doesn’t sound that loud in operation. Maybe it has something to do with the tone of the motor, it seems quieter than some others rated at 30db. Maybe only from certain angles so if you find it is too loud just turn the CPAP machine round a little.

Humidifier Options

Transcend 3 HME CartridgeUnfortunately, the transcend 3 doesn’t have any water based humidifier options. But this has to be expected from such an inexpensive and lightweight machine. Another reason why the battery usage is so good with these devices.

Somnetics have come up with a solution, though. They have released their version of the HME (Heat/Moisture Exchange) cartridge for use with the Transcend 3. These work like similar devices from other manufacturer’s.

The cartridges are items that require regular replacement. As with other manufacturer’s, they have a recommended replacement time. Weekly or when moisture supply becomes reduced, is what Somnetics recommend.

While this machine doesn’t have a humidifier, it does have a special feature for after treatment. The device can be switched into drying mode to run the blower at a lower speed for 30 minutes to remove any moisture that has been built up inside the CPAP device.

Functions And Features

Transcend 3 And AirMini Comparison ChartThere are actually quite a lot of different features under the hood. These are all to help with the treatment quality that is provided. Many of the features included you would only expect to see on some more expensive CPAP machines.

For extra comfort in use the Transcend 3 uses a feature it calls EZEX. This allows extra user comfort by lowering the pressure on exhalation. This makes it feel better for the user by allowing you to feel less resistance while breathing out. The function is also variable or you can turn it off completely.

Transcend 3 and Z2 Comparison Chart

Another useful function that this mini CPAP device has is the ramp function. Again, this is to aid in the comfort during use. It does this by starting treatment at a lower pressure, then it gradually builds up the pressure as you fall asleep. This can really benefit some users who feel suffocated when putting this device on.

Transcend 3 Top ViewYou would not know about any of these features by looking at the device. All the settings are configured by plugging it into a PC and using the software for the device.

This is also a great device for the air traveler. The Transcend 3 is fully FAA certified so you can safely use it aboard a plane. Another necessary feature if you plan to use it on board an aircraft to keep up your treatment mid-flight, so you don’t arrive at your destination feeling sleep deprived.

Simple To Operate

Transcend 3 Software Tracking GraphsThere are only 2 buttons on the device. There are also only 2 LED lights. Not too much to try to work out then! Well, there is the software to download if you do need to track any of your data. Or this is how you may be able to change the ramp up and EZEX settings, if you like.

The software allows you to be able to see some details about your treatment. These are:

  • Usage
  • Leak summary
  • Pressure summary
  • AHI – Events per hour of use
  • Patient therapy setting

During your diagnosis you will have had a sleep study conducted by a sleep specialist. They will be able to make sure your air pressure and general CPAP therapy settings are correct. This ensures you will have to suffer the least symptoms of sleep apnea as your treatment is set to optimum for you.

Transcend 3 Software Basic SetupOther data that can be accessed using the software includes the average leak percentile and average pressure use. This data can be filtered into rows or could even be set to display in graphs. This can help to let you see if your treatment is working correctly for you.

Transcend 3 Basic ControlsThe two buttons that are on the device either turn it on and off, set the device into ramp mode or start the drying cycle. Similarly, the two LED’s basically indicate that the device has either powered up successfully or has developed a fault. The LED’s turn off after powering up, so as not to disturb your sleep.


Here is one of the greatest areas this mini CPAP device excels. Due to the different power options available it becomes a very flexible CPAP machine indeed. The batteries last a considerable amount of time given the pressure they are rated to operate at.

Transcend Battery Usage GuideThe P4 single night battery is stated as giving up to 9 hours usage at 14cm H2O, while the P8 multi night battery supplies up to 16 hours at 14cm H2O. Users have reported real life usage of these batteries can provide up to 30 hours at 6cm H2O! As described previously though, batteries and operating conditions all vary, so experiences can differ.

Transcend 3 P8 Over Night BatteryThat is only the start of it with this CPAP device. Found yourself needing more power options? Why not have the option to recharge those batteries during the day via a solar charger. This is possible with the addition of the solar charger from Somnetics specially designed for the Transcend 3.

No sunshine? Think you won’t sleep? Somnetics has you covered again. Having the capability to be able to charge up or even operate your device from a 12v supply is of great benefit. Your automotive system is normally 12v so there are many other devices and systems that are 12v and are able to give you the power you need.

Another reason this machine is so flexible is the fact that it is not mask specific. You can basically just use your regular mask with this device. It means you don’t have to get used to using another mask. This can make a big difference if you only use it occasionally, as most people would. You can pretty much start using it and receive the benefits that treatment provides straight away.

Operating Range

Transcend 3 Mountain RangeThe Transcend 3 mini CPAP has quite a good operating range. It is able to provide between 4cm and 20cm H2O. Also, it can supply this with an error tolerance of +-1cm H20 or 10% – whichever is greatest.

It can also supply this while taking atmospheric changes up to 8000 feet. As long as you are within this altitude then it can safely regulate and adjust the pressure according to the conditions.

Recommended operating temperature for this device is +5C to +35C. So this is something to be aware of. If you plan on using your CPAP outside in wintry conditions, you may find that it will not work properly. It should not be used if there is any chance of frost. It may be stored in colder conditions but it is not safe to use any colder.

The environmental humidity for the device to work correctly also has to be inside a certain range. This is stated as to be between 10% to 80% relative humidity, non-condensing for the positive airway pressure CPAP to work as desired.

Overall Thoughts

Buy Now Button Transcend 3 Mini CPAP DeviceA really useful little travel CPAP device. Easily transported and even comes in its own carry case! This would be a great addition to your CPAP treatment if you sometimes need to use it where there is limited mains power.

Having the in-line humidifier cartridges does help towards providing some moisture in the air. Though not the greatest system, it does help. You will notice when the cartridge starts to deteriorate if you use it.

Having the ability to just grab your existing mask and use it is a real selling point. Not having to adjust to a mask that you may only use infrequently seems a real bonus. So, if you have a favorite mask, make sure your new device will allow to use it! This one will. This also suits any sleeper. If you sleep on your side it’s no problem. Using your own mask you won’t even notice any difference!

Transcend 3 With Bluetooth AdaptorAlthough the user interface does seem a bit basic, under the hood the device does have some good features. This may be one of the reasons that the device can be so reasonably priced. I think it’s really good value for such a useful device with so many of these features.

Maybe this device isn’t the one for you. There are some other travel CPAP devices that may be worth looking at. Maybe these will be better suited for your needs.

If you have experienced these machines or suffer from sleep apnea, why not post a quick reply to help others with their struggle. Or even if you have used them and found they didn’t work for you, let others know what you found while using them. On that note, I wish you all a very good night!

Resmed AirMini CPAP Reviews – Is This The Best Travel CPAP?

Resmed Airmini Base DeviceBuy Now Button Resmed AirMini Travel CPAP ReviewsLooking for one of the most informative Resmed AirMini CPAP reviews? Then you will certainly find it here at More Snores. Let’s take an in-depth look into one of the most advanced devices from Resmed to date. Packed with lots of features into an incredibly small package, I’m sure it should leave you impressed.

From all the added features and general operation to user feedback and more. There is certainly enough to help you make up your mind. Not sure this device is for you? Why not look at the overview of these four travel CPAP devices!

As can be seen from the device and the masks there has been a lot of thought put into the design of this. User comfort and portability are real winners here. One drawback this causes is the limited availability of different masks. Read on to find out more.

Device Overview

Resmed Airmini Left Side ViewTake a look at the device. Doesn’t it look so compact! As previously mentioned, this is a seriously small piece of kit. With stylish looks to go it also looks the part. Does it work too? Well, I would say, it does!

Another of the unique feature of this device has to be comfort that users find while using the Resmed Airmini. This is due to the lightweight masks available, even though the range is limited.

This device isn’t exactly the quietest machine on the market either. There are other devices which may be quieter in operation. So, if you are sensitive to noise, this may not be the best choice for you.

To help you work out if this is the device for you I will break down the following to look into individually:

  1. Humidifying capabilities
  2. Portability of the machine
  3. Functions and features of the device
  4. Sound output in operation
  5. Limitations in available masks
  6. Airmini App and data tracking
  7. Availability of power options

Hopefully by breaking down each item you will be made aware of all the features and benefits. This should help you to make the right choice in which machine is right for you.

On-Board Humidifier – HumidX

HumidX and HumidX Plus Humidifier CartridgeEven though the Airmini does not have a separate water tank, it does have certain humidifying properties. There is the option of using a cartridge in the hose which provides moisture. It does this by capturing the condensation and heat in the exhaled breath. This moisture and heat is then reused during inhalation to help avoid dry mouth and sinuses.

The name of this system is HumidX. It is a heat/moisture exchange unit (HME). Even though it does help to alleviate the dry mouth and sinuses caused by CPAP use, it is not perfect. It will never reuse 100% of the captured heat and moisture. Even if it is great at helping to keep your throat lubed up, like any travel CPAP, it is only a compromise for portability.

ActiveAir And HumidX Inline ConnectorThe cartridges are recommended to be changed 30 days after opening the pack. So, if you only use it sporadically, you may find that you have to change the cartridge every time you use it. There are also two different types of cartridges, HumidX and HumidX Plus. The latter cartridge has the ability of providing more moisture, useful in drier environments.

This is a system that Resmed has designed themselves. The unique valve in the connector at the mask enables exhaled air to pass out the connector, instead of the mask. This design does mean that there are only a few masks available.


Resmed AirMini On A PlaneThe Resmed Airmini is easily one of the smallest and lightest travel CPAP devices available. With the machine easily fitting into the corner of any carry-on luggage, it is super portable. No more feelings of being sleep deprived, as you can keep up your CPAP therapy while on-the-go.

This device really excels for air travelers. It is fully FAA approved, so you will find no problems using it on a plane. Equally, useful for truckers, anyone on boats and even camping, it is that small and compact. Another good quality it has is got to be its looks. Resmed has really made a device that looks sleek and stylish, other travelers will be left wishing that they had one of their own! Weighing in at only 0.66pd makes it very easy to carry around with you.

Handy carry cases and travel bags are also available to help keep your device and accessories safe. Just wrap them up, stick them in a corner of your case, and you are good to go! Many airlines even allow you to carry them on in their own bag if you like, as it is a medical device. Then, it isn’t even counted towards your baggage allowance, generally.

Functions And Features

Resmed AirSense 10 AutosetFrom such a small device, you could be forgiven for thinking it would lack in features. But, this is not the case here. The software behind the therapy is quoted by the manufacturer to be exactly the same as their bedside machines. This should help with comfort and ease of use.

The device also has a few different modes of operation. This enables it to be run in positive airways pressure CPAP mode or autoset CPAP mode. Autoset mode allows for the air pressure to be adjusted during use, to aid with therapy and comfort. If your sleep study shows that you would require auto-CPAP, this has that feature. Another useful mode is autoset for her – another feature to aid with comfort during use.

Warning SignThere is also a wide range of operating pressures available. The device is rated to supply between 4 to 20 cm H2O (4 to 20 hPa) in either of the operating modes. This is quite a high pressure that this device is able to provide. Some devices only go up to 14 cm H20, so keep an eye out to ensure you have enough pressure for your needs. Your sleep specialist would be able to help advise you on your individual pressure settings.

The tolerances for the safe operation of this device are between sea level up to 2591m. This is an air pressure range from 1013 hPa to 738hPa respectively. Temperature range is also very large, and can be used between -25C and +70C with an air humidity in the region of 10 to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing.

Sound Output

Speaker Showing LoudnessAs with any mini CPAP device these are generally noisier than home machines. This is caused by the motor and fan being smaller, so runs much quicker. This is generally a property that travel CPAP’s share. The device is not one of the quietest on the market as it is rated at 29db (+-2db).

There are others rated at fewer decibels but these may have higher pitched motors. I feel that the device isn’t too bad for noise, but again, everyone is different. Unfortunately I can not tell you if it will be quite enough for you, but I can say that to me it is a soothing hum.

One of the factors where noise is reduced is due to the special valve in the line. When you exhale, as the valve is not directly on the mask and is in the line instead, it is quieter during exhale. It is also less likely to vent into your eyes. As the valve is pressure sensitive, it even vents less at higher pressures than a normal mask would. This is what enables it to run at such a high pressure for a portable device, as well.

Mask Limitations

Resmed F20 Full Face MaskSome users do find that this device has some limitations due to mask availability. There are only a few masks that are designed to work with the device. Though there are only a few types, Resmed has tried to make sure there is one for everyone.

Options of different masks available are either full face, nasal masks or nasal pillow mask. The nasal pillow mask is designed to go under the nose and provides a clear field of vision during use. All the mask types are reported to be especially comfortable, though as with any device, personal preference prevails. Therefore, if you find that the masks aren’t for you, then you will be left feeling isolated and lost.

One factor to be aware of though, the full face mask is not compatible with the HumidX cartridges. So if you need a full face mask and want to use the waterless humidifying cartridge, you will find this is not possible.

Custom Airmini App

AirMini App On PhoneBoasting Bluetooth connectivity, the device is able to communicate directly with your smartphone. By downloading the Airmini App you are able to see easily how well your therapy is going. The app will let you know if your mask is sealing correctly, how many events you had during sleep and even if you took your mask off, among many others.

The App is really user-friendly and easy to use. This helps you to get the best out of your CPAP treatment. Storing data for up to 30 days, it shows you a therapy score every morning for the previous nights sleep, and you can even send the data to your own sleep specialist for study! Another useful feature to ensure you get your best treatment for obstructive sleep apnea.

While using your travel CPAP machine, if you have issues with therapy then the data tracking facility really comes into its own. Enabling you to quickly troubleshoot issues before they become a problem. Then if they do become a problem, just downloading the data to your sleep specialist may save a visit to the sleep center. Your consultant can help you figure out issues just with your own sleep data! This can save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run.

Power Options

Resmed AirMini Power SupplyThis is one to be aware of. These devices run at 24 volts. You will find issues trying to run them off say, a car battery. Cars are generally only 12v. Trucks generally have 24v electrical systems and many boats. So, therefore your options for powering this device are limited.

Included with this device for power is an electrical adapter to power up from mains power. If you have access to mains power, then there will be no issues. As the device has no battery option, it needs mains power. Otherwise, if you don’t have a 24v electrical system, the only other way to power it off the grid would be to use an aftermarket battery.

If only the device had an integrated battery pack, then I would find it one of the best overall. But for a device of this grade to not have an integrated battery I feel it is let down. I mean, nearly everything has a lithium ion battery in it these days! Many users would feel more comfortable sleeping next to an authorized battery pack, as opposed to an aftermarket one. Especially when their health counts on it.

Overall Thoughts

Buy Now Button Resmed AirMini Travel CPAP ReviewsI think this device is a great addition for your CPAP therapy. It works really well for fliers and has good data recording through the dedicated App. As long as you don’t require battery capabilities, this is one of the best devices for portability and comfort.

The waterless humidification technology is really good and aids to the small size of the device. Most users can easily find a mask so this shouldn’t put you off too much. Comfort is a real benefit while using this device, no-one likes red marks!

Resmed AirMini Angled ViewIt may not be the cheapest device available, but packed with features and stylish to boot, it should fit most peoples needs. And as with any CPAP device, it will take some time getting used to, so give it a chance. And above all – make sure you use it. No benefit will be had if it isn’t used 100% of the time.

Still, unsure if this is the device for you? Take a look at another review I have done on the Philips Respironics DreamStation Go.

If you have experienced these machines or suffer from sleep apnea, why not post a quick reply to help others with their struggle. Or even if you have used them and found they didn’t work for your let others know what you found while using them. On that note, I wish your all a very good night!


Respironics Dreamstation Reviews – Are They Up To The Job?

DreamStation Hose And Mask Respironics DreamStation Reviews

Buy Now Button Respironics DreamStation ReviewsLet us take a full deep look into the new device from Philips to see what the devices features and limitations are. Many users experience will be drawn upon to build a thorough Respironics Dreamstation reviews. I believe you should have as much information as possible before deciding on your chosen machine.

The new device on offer from Philips is the Respironics Dreamstation Go. It is designed around portability. And these devices really do excel there. While managing to achieve this, they were also the first ever portable CPAP machine to come with a real humidifier.

Custom narrow gauge pipework are also one of the other unique features that the device has to offer. This helps with the devices weight for carrying and also while using. The light pipework means that extra comfort can be achieved in use. The pipes used here are 12mm compared to the regular 15mm, but regular size can also be used.

General Overview

Air Traveler Respironics DreamStation ReviewsWhen they thought these devices up, they were keeping the air traveler in mind. Packed with so many features, it makes them great for taking through security. They are FAA approved so there are no issues at check-in. They can be easily tucked into your hand carry and pulled out in-flight.

The Dreamstation Go makes it a breeze in use due to the handy touchscreen. It would be difficult to find another device with a more user-friendly interface. Many settings are immediately available right at your fingertips! This unique feature is something that really helps to make them easy to use.

Aura CPAP Nasal Mask Respironics DreamStation ReviewsOne of the good things about these devices is the that they take any mask. You won’t be stuck to a limited choice of masks when you have one of these. Many users get quite attached to a certain mask, and those who don’t may not like the few on offer! So, no problem there, Philips has you covered.

Dry mouth using CPAP? Problem solved. You won’t have to suffer anymore from that on your travels. Even during development one of the features was always a real humidifier with a tank. There is an optional upgrade to add a tank and heated humidifier to your device.

Additional Optional Upgrades

Go Humidifier Respironics Dreamstation ReviewsTo compliment the Philips Respironics Dreamstation Go there are lots of handy upgrades available. Many of these provide additional benefits to the user. Base modals can feature fixed pressure or auto pressure. The humidifier is a great upgrade – essential if you suffer from dry, sore throats using CPAP.

Having its own dedicated power supply means fewer wires and leads though. Cutting down on the chance of leaving something behind in a hotel room!

Highlights & Features

Go Touchscreen Respironics DreamStation ReviewsThere are so many things this device has got going for it. It even looks sleek and the touchscreen really makes it feel so modern. All round a well-built machine that feels like it has good quality. Really useful is the ability to use tap water instead of either bottled or distilled water. Wikipedia even describes the difficulty involved in getting distilled water.

These devices come with a system called the Flex Pressure Relief system. This is designed to lower the pressure during exhalation. This is to allow a more natural and comfortable feeling while breathing.

A great feature of the device has to be the user interface. The effortless swiping and tapping on the touchscreen really is a breeze. Easy to understand as the pictures help you navigate through the various menu tabs and settings.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity & App
  • Use With Any Mask
  • USB Power Out – Charge Your Phone
  • Microflex 12mm Tubing
  • Use Any Water In Humidifier
  • Runs Off AC Or Built-In Battery
  • 13 Hours Runtime At 10cm Of Pressure
  • Flex Pressure Relief For More Comfort
  • Color Touchscreen
  • MicroSD Card Port
  • Compatible With DreamMapper Software

go heated CPAP Tubing Respironics DreamStation ReviewsBulging with features this device has a lot to offer. From the heated humidifier upgrade to the unique Microflex tubing it has tried to set new standards in portable CPAP technology. Lightweight and portable so its easy to carry around and user-friendly interfaces give it a heads up above the competition.

There are many variations in type of tubing as well. The modal on display here is the heated tubing. This helps to increase the humidifiers efficiency. Other variants include standard tubing and even thermal insulation tubing for use in extreme cold environments! One thing to think about if you plan on camping in the winter.

Issues & Drawbacks

Though this is a section where there is not too many items to report, some users have found problems. These are mainly to do with noise issues from the units. There have been reports between different users of noises from masks, tubing and also the pump unit itself. There have been the occasional report of high water consumption, but this seems to be rare.

  • Noisy Pump Unit Rated At 30db
  • Reports Of Noise Through Microflex Tubing
  • Prone To Developing Clicking Noises
  • Bulky With Humidifier Attached
  • Microflex Tubing Can Increase Noise Levels

Partners Holding Hands Respironics DreamStation ReviewsAs you can clearly see there are not too many negatives when you look at these devices. Only issue is that if you are prone to that certain tone of noise, it will bother you. Or your partner, if you may be lucky enough to still have one.

There have been a few reports from users that the devices can start to develop clicking noises when breathing in. These have all been reportedly replaced under warranty, no questions asked. I suspect it to have something to do with the Flex Pressure Relief system, which lowers pressure during exhale.

User Feedback

Woman Feeling Happy Floating Respironics DreamStation ReviewsOverall reports from users were really good. Many users liked these devices and did not find the noise to be an issue. Most instances of noise I think can be attributed to the casing at the air intake and the flow through the tubing.

Of the reports that came in about the clicking noises developing, the units were replaced. All under warranty. Users were still overall happy with their devices due to the ease of replacement.

A handful of reports came in about the water consumption being high. This was attributed to the low humidity in their environment. The devices are auto-adjusting the water feed, so as not to pump you full of water if its not needed! In these cases, water use will be high.

Some users did also report that their batteries were not quite lasting a full night, which is worrying. This could be due to higher pressure settings, ambient temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions. I’m sure we all are aware of how batteries can vary greatly.

Overall Product Ratings

  • Value for money is rated quite good at 8 out of 10. The device isn’t too expensive but the add ons do increase the price. Not so much as some of the competitors devices, though.
  • Ease of use is rated very highly at 9 out of 10. This is down to the excellent touch screen and the use of the DreamMaker App. Very user friendly device that works well.
  • Battery Life is rated average at 7 out of 10. The battery life in some circumstances may be lacking. If you use a high pressure you may find the battery lacking.
  • Build Quality is rated quite good at 8 out of 10. A well refined looking device that has a modern look and feel. If it wasn’t for the reports of the warranty claims it would be higher.
  • Quality of treatment is rated at excellent at 10 out of 10. The device easily achieves this by the highly advanced internals. The feeling after use with the humidifier is second to none in travel CPAP.

Should You Buy This?

Buy Now Button Respironics DreamStation ReviewsWe give a thumbs up for this one. I’m pretty certain that as long as you can take the extra noise compared to a larger home device then you will too. While there have been a few reports of noise, the amount of happy users outweigh these.

Being FAA Certified they are great for taking away on your travels. Handy AC power and backup power by the on-board battery make it really portable. Great for sticking in your hand carry by being so compact.

Tap Running Water Respironics DreamStation Reviews

One of the main selling points is the humidifier system. Having a full heated system with the water tank really makes a difference if you tend to get a dry throat using these devices.

Having the ability to fill it with tap water instead of having to use purified water makes it very convenient. Not having to worry about bringing water or trying to boil water when you are off the grid.

Still not sure if this is the right device for you? I have another article where I look at some of differences between this and three other devices! Hopefully this can help to make sure you do select the right device for you.

If you have experienced these devices or suffer from sleep apnea, why not post a quick reply to help others with their struggle. Or even if you have used them but found something else that works better let others know about it here. On that note, I wish you all a very good night!

CPAP Masks Side Sleepers – Why You Can’t Get One To Work

Woman Curled Up Asleep In BedAfter such a long time suffering, you eventually got your CPAP machine. But all is not well. You just can’t get it to work right! Sleeping on your side? Well, you need to see which CPAP masks side sleepers find are most useful. Not all CPAP masks are made equally, and each mask works better in different situations.

Just because you have the right mask still does not mean it will always function correctly. There are many things that will influence the way that the system will function. You need to try to eliminate all these problems or work around them to get the maximum benefit from your system.

What is the point using it at all if you are still having the same amount of episodes without it. There is no point in all the hassle. But it really needs to work right for you and there are things that you can do to help.

Why Does It Not Work?

Full Face CPAP MaskThe main reason that the system doesn’t work is leaks. When there is too much of a leak detected, some systems can shut down completely. This may happen if you remove the mask through the night. But mainly there is just too much of a mask leak for the machine to work correctly, so you still have episodes.

The reason for this is that the pressure holding your windpipe open is not sufficient to resist the natural forces which are collapsing it. Therefore, the windpipe is able to collapse regardless of the machine being on and therapy being administered.

The other reason it may not work is if tubing between the machine and the mask are becoming kinked in your sleep. It may be that you lean on the pipe and block it that way or even wrap yourself up the tube until it goes tight! Any restriction in the supply pipe affects the flow and usually causes issues.

Take a look at my other article I wrote about do CPAP’s work? if you want to find out more.

How Do I Get It To Work?

Boy Washing FaceFortunately, all is not lost. There is no need to suffer with a system that is not working correctly for you. Just because you sleep on your side does not mean you can’t get the device to work properly for you. There are so many types of mask and other accessories designed for this, you are sure to find something that will work.

Firstly, I would try to ensure that your current mask is fitting correctly. It may just be the case it isn’t sitting correctly or becoming loose through the night as your machine increases pressure. I would try these out to ensure the mask is fitted correctly:

  • Clean your face to remove oils, air dry to avoid fibers.
  • Lie down and put mask on. Tighten from the top first, then under the mouth.
  • Slowly manipulate the mask in a circular movement, settling it in.
  • Check the straps are still snugly holding the mask, turn on machine.
  • Adjust the straps until there are no leaks coming from the mask.
  • Add a little extra to each strap as the pressure may increase overnight.

Pull Strap And BuckleYou do need the extra bit of tension in the mask to allow for pressure ramp up (only on certain machines) and to combat the oils the skin produces. You don’t want to be too tight though, as the mask can deform and leak. It is also more likely that you will be left with marks from the mask.

If this doesn’t seem to work for you it is most likely that you need a different mask. Even the same style of mask from a different supplier is all that you need, not every one has the same shape of face.

Mask Types For Side Sleeping

Cloth CPAP Masks Side SleepersAs I’m sure you may have heard there is no one mask fits all. That is why it can be so daunting to find the right mask for you. This can put many people off once they decide they are actually going to use the machine.

Most users who sleep on their sides usually find that a mask which goes under the nose works best. The pipework can be below the face so it doesn’t get snagged and pulled as much. Again, if you lie with your arms tucked into your face then the opposite would apply. Some masks have the pipework built into the frame so that it isn’t near your face at all, and exits at the top of your head.

There are even masks that are made from cloth and these are designed to be very soft and flexible. They are very resilient to being crushed and folded during sleep. These can be of great benefit to those who are very mobile in their sleep!

Other Items That Prevent Leaks

Chinstrap CPAP Masks Side SleepersSometimes it may not be the mask that is at fault. You may have very sensitive skin and that could cause you to be having problems. You may be developing an itch due to the straps. There are different material straps in some masks that may work better. You won’t knock your mask off while still unconscious for an itch.

There are also chin straps available in case you use a nasal pillow but start to breathe through your mouth. These help to keep your mouth shut to prevent leaks through the mouth.

In case the cause of the discomfort is by the headgear itself, there are custom cushions to pad headgear straps. The face contact points can be protected as well with special liners that prevent mask leaks, resist sensitivity and enhance overall comfort while wearing a mask.

Steps To Follow To Make It Work

Face Liners CPAP Masks Side SleepersIt is worth your while narrowing down why your system isn’t working for you and getting it to do its job. The benefit’s you will receive in the end are so worthwhile it is worth keeping at it. You may only be a few easy steps away from getting it to work.

To recap, I would ensure that my mask is fitting correctly. Adjust it as detailed above, if it is still not right look at how it fits to your face. Is it the right size? If it seems to be the right size and is adjusted correctly you may need another mask. Try to work out how you sleep and where you may find the pipe would benefit you. This may influence the next mask design.

If you are not too sure about CPAP and want to see some other devices that may work for sleep apnea, take a look at this article about other treatments.

Always make sure your face is clean before using, to avoid the oils from your skin from making the mask leak. This also makes the sealing surface deteriorate quicker so masks will wear out sooner if your skin is oily. If your face is becoming oily through the night, then the liners may be something to think about.

Want more information on the treatment of sleep apnea? Take a look at what WebMD has to say about treating sleep apnea!

If you have experienced these machines or suffer from sleep apnea why not post a quick reply to help others with their struggle. Or even if you have used them but found something else that works better let others know about it here. On that note, I wish your all a very good night!

Does CPAP Stop Snoring – Find Out How It Helps Right Now

Woman Holding Her HeadThere is not many things worse than waking the whole house up with your snoring. Well, maybe there is, actually. Waking yourself up with your own snoring is one of them. So, if you have ever found yourself wondering does CPAP stop snoring, you can get all the answers you need to find out exactly what it could do for you.

All the above happens before you have an episode too, which wakes you up again. No wonder you feel tired all day, your family is tired and everyone’s nerves are frayed. There is the possibility of a solution though. If you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), then you may find that CPAP could help.

Boy Sleeping On Grocery CartIf you don’t suffer from OSA then take a look at some other remedies that may help, as CPAP is not recommended if you do not suffer from OSA, which will be discussed in more detail below.

What Is CPAP?

Lots Of Question MarksFirstly, CPAP is short for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure therapy. It is a type of treatment that helps to stop the airway becoming blocked or restricted. It does this by keeping light pressure inside your airway while you breathe.

There are numerous machines on the market. Each of them with some feature or another which might benefit the user in one way or another. Many options can include humidifying capabilities, pressure relief on exhale and ramp up so the machine isn’t starting at full pressure, straight away. These are to name but a few features.

The devices were mainly large bedside units but these days the advances that goes with technology have allowed them to become more portable. They are available with battery power and some of the smallest of these could pretty much fit in your pocket!

What is Obstructive Sleap Apnea?

This is a serious medical condition which, when left untreated, can have serious health impacts. Sufferers of OSA will find that during sleep their airways will become obstructed due to the tissues in the throat. This causes them to have lowered oxygen levels and raised carbon dioxide levels in the bloodstream, causing them to wake up.

Ambulance On A CalloutAs this happens during sleep, it is rarely remembered that you woke up. The thing is, it can happen up to 30 times an hour. The brain sends you a signal through adrenaline to wake up, causing you to stir, normally restarting regular breathing.

This type of sleep cycle is not the type of cycle that promotes the regeneration the body needs. Sufferers will find they feel tired throughout the day, lack concentration, can suffer from changes in mood. Health implications like high blood pressure, diabetes and depression related illnesses have higher risk of developing without treatment.

To clarify some facts, Wikipedia shows there is a 30% higher chance of heart attack for sufferers with untreated OSA.

How Does CPAP Prevent Snoring With OSA?

Inflated Sausage Dog BalloonBy the very nature of the device. With the same principle that air holds the red dog balloon up. Even though it is not guaranteed to eliminate snoring, it does a very good job of it. As the device works by keeping the airways open under pressure, it also stops the usual folds in the airways from being slack. This reduces the likelihood of reverberations through the airways, which is what mainly causes snoring.

One of the misconceptions here is that the device will eliminate snoring, completely. This is false. It is one of the things that it could help. Most of the time it has great benefits, and can eliminate snoring altogether, but not always. Be aware that while it may improve your overall health it could also have no effect on your snoring.

I Want To Use CPAP To Stop Snoring

clipart Man Snoring On SofaThat’s great, I hope it works for you! As it is only recommended for sufferers of OSA, I’m sure you are a sufferer. This is usually diagnosed through your doctor and probably even a sleep center. You should also feel lots of other benefits which will come straight away and over time. The specialists will help you dial in your machine to your exact needs.

If this is not the case, and you do not suffer from OSA there are probably other treatments that should be trying first. Nasal strips, anti-snoring pillows and even mandibular re-positioning devices should be considered first. These are less expensive and are more recommended for sufferers of snoring without having OSA.

Why You Shouldn’t Use CPAP Without Having OSA

Clipart Doctor With ClipboardThere are a few reasons for this. One of the biggest is the fact that these machines can cause serious damage. If the pressures are too high for your lung function they can cause trauma to your lungs. It is also possible to over inflate the lungs and cause pressure on your heart, lowering your oxygen levels in the bloodstream.

Another reason it isn’t a good idea to just grab yourself a CPAP machine is that you may be masking some other symptom that is unknown. Maybe you have another condition? It could be diabetes making you tired? Or maybe you do actually have OSA, but without being properly diagnosed, you do not know? If you do have OSA, then you may need the machine set at a higher pressure than the factory setting, so you may find it doesn’t help. It is an expensive way to easily misdiagnose yourself and with quite serious risks as well.


Man Sleeping In BedWe hope to have informed you about the benefits that a CPAC machine could provide for you. Although they are not guaranteed to work, these devices are well-known to reduce the amount of snoring in sufferers of OSA. There are also many other health and well-being benefits to be had while using this machine.

But, to clarify, these machines should not be used if you haven’t had the proper diagnosis. They have the potential to cause serious damage and using them without the proper medical guidance could mask other underlying issues. There are other treatments out there that may be more suited to your needs and should be tried first. These will probably also be easier to use and significantly less expensive.

If you have experienced these machines or suffer from sleep apnea why not post a quick reply to help others with their struggle. Or even if you have used them but found something else that works better let others know about it here. On that note, I wish your all a very good night!

Buy Travel CPAP Machine – We Show You How To Get One

Holiday LuggageWith your condition I’m sure that you have been finding that you have been managing it pretty well up until now. But all that has changed due to you having to travel for work or maybe even a holiday. Dreading the time you will be away without power and your own device at home. Well, you need to find out where you can buy travel CPAP machine that will solve your problem, and we know how.

There are numerous designs on the market to choose from. There are a few choices between units so it helps to know how you use your machine and also how you plan on using it. Some of these devices can be extremely lightweight, and others offer options like humidifier upgrade options or even in-built.  Here is what Wikipedia says about them. If you are not sure, I have tried to explain the differences in some features in a few that I know about.

Portable By Nature

Camping In Middle Of NowhereObviously these are designed with portability in mind. It’s in their very nature. But how you are planning on using it may influence your ideal choice. Some of them do have options that others do not, so if you rush in you may find that the features you want or expect, are not included. So it pays off to do your homework and make sure that the features you want are included or can be added.

The first thing to check for is the humidifying capabilities if you want them. Some devices do not have this option which would obviously cause issues if the machines give you a dry mouth. Some do not have the upgrade. For portability and ease of use these functions require either bottled water, tap water or no extra water at all, depending on the model.

Camper Out In The OpenAnother item that is quite important is the true battery life of each device. If you are going off the grid, then you want to know your battery isn’t going to let you down. You want as many other power options as you can like extra batteries or DC charging. This way you will never be let down when you are far out in the wild, at the mercy of the elements!

Some devices have been shortlisted as contenders for the best devices on the market today. Their strengths and weaknesses have been listed below to assist in your selection of the right one for.

Philips Respironics Dreamstation Go

Philips Respironics Dreamstation GoThis machine has one of the best humidifying systems available. The optional upgrade system is stated by the manufacturer to be filled with only tap water! No more keeping stocks of bottled or boiled water this device. That makes this device a favorite with users who require a lot of moisture in their inhaled air.

Key Benefits

  • Use any mask
  • Touchscreen
  • Bluetooth and App
  • Microflex tubing
  • Use any water
  • USB power out
  • 13 Hours usage at 10cm


  • Some may dislike the noise
  • 1.86 pounds
  • Chunky machine

Dreamstation Hose And MaskWhile this device is chunky, that has to be expected from a machine that has an additional tank. That is if you take the upgrade. But I find that the upgrade is almost always taken as that is the feature that sets these devices apart from the rest.

There are more portable devices on the market if you prefer something a little more compact with in-built self humidifying systems.

Visit the full review of the DreamStation Go to get all the details including user feedback and latest prices

ResMed AirMini

ResMed AirMini DeviceThe ResMed AirMini has to be one of the most portable devices around. It is also claimed between users to be one of the most comfortable to use as well. Ultra lightweight device and masks are the main benefits in this device and key to its success.

The only drawback with this model that you have to be aware of is the fact that they can only be used with a limited number of masks. At the time of writing there were five masks available in the AirFit range that could are compatible with this device.

Key Benefits

  • Amongst lightest – 0.66 pounds
  • Waterless humidifier
  • Bluetooth and App
  • USB power out
  • DC converter option
  • Comfortable masks
  • Very compact kit


  • No integrated battery
  • Only fits certain masks
  • Humidifier works on certain masks only

ResMed AirMini KitAlthough this device is one of the most portable, I feel it is let down with the battery issue. As it has no integrated battery pack, I think it lets it down a bit. The upgrades available for battery capabilities seem a bit of an afterthought with trailing cables between pack and device. Other manufacturers have come up with quite novel ways of getting around this with various integrated battery packs. Add the leads and battery it becomes less compact.

Overall reception of this device was still quite good due the most users liking the lightweight masks which make them very comfortable and the compact design aiding travel. I find that most users don’t buy the additional battery upgrade for these devices.

Visit the full review of the Resmed Airmini to get all the details of this device and the latest prices

Human Design Medical Z2 Auto Travel CPAP

HDM Z2 Auto Travel CPAPOne of the features this device has is an improved noise function caused by a different tone of the motor. Most users find it quieter but there are exceptions. Some reports have come back from a few users who find that the tone is too close to the sound of white noise and they can’t sleep.

The device has quite a few different battery options so if you don’t think the tone of the noise will affect you then you may find it to be a really good choice for you.

Key Benefits

  • Amongst lightest – 0.65 pounds
  • Waterless humidifier
  • Bluetooth and App
  • Q-Tube Muffler
  • Fits any mask
  • Powershell battery upgrade option
  • Ultra quiet


  • No DC inputs
  • Limited features
  • Some users dislike the tone

Z2 Auto CPAP With Powershell BatteryWhile it is also one of the quietest devices in measure of decibels on the market, it has very limited features on the app. So don’t expect some of the more advanced tracking features as available on the other devices listed above.

These devices may be limited in features but as they are significantly less expensive it may make up for it for some. If you like a compact budget device for using while you are away, then this may be the one.

Somnetics Transcend 3 Auto Mini CPAP

Transcend 3 Auto Mini CPAPSomnetics have managed to produce a very adaptable device here. I feel with all the battery options and DC inputs it is a great device for users who find themselves off the grid for extended periods. I find it has one of the best batteries for what it does.

Stats on the Multi-Night battery show it can power 14cm for 16 hours. Real world experience has users reporting up to 30 hours run time at around 6cm of air. As you may well know, battery usage depends greatly on usage conditions, among many others.

Key Benefits

  • Quiet device
  • Multi-Night battery option
  • DC inputs
  • Solar charging option
  • Drying mode
  • Fits any mask
  • Multi-travel adapter


  • No humidifier options available
  • Limited data view
  • Low therapy tracking

Transcend P8 Battery PackThe device may have exceptional battery life and versatility due to the DC input options as mentioned, but sometimes one of the things that let it down is in the design quality.

Many users say it seems that the construction is a bit flimsy. Parts seem though they are made tight and may break in use. No incoming rush with reports of them falling apart does seem to say that they are actually OK, even if they do seem flimsy.

The lack of a humidifying option may put off a lot of users. If this is a requirement that you do need, then this is not the machine for you. Otherwise, if you are off the grid and can deal without the need for humidifying functions, you may find that this device may suit your needs perfectly.

Visit the full review of the Transcend 3 Auto Mini Cpap to get all the details of this device and the latest prices

Needs Must

Keep It Up LogoI know how important it is to have the correct machine. But no matter what machine you decide to get there is something to make sure and not overlook. It must be used all the time.

The benefits from these devices are built up over time so it is imperative for the correct treatment that they are always used. I hope that you are able to find the right device that suits your needs perfectly. Read what I have to say about them in operation.

If you have experienced these machines or suffer from sleep apnea why not post a quick reply to help others with their struggle. Or even if you have used them and found they didn’t work for your let others know what you found while using them. On that note, I wish your all a very good night!