Resmed AirMini CPAP Reviews – Is This The Best Travel CPAP?

Resmed Airmini Base DeviceBuy Now Button Resmed AirMini Travel CPAP ReviewsLooking for one of the most informative Resmed AirMini CPAP reviews? Then you will certainly find it here at More Snores. Let’s take an in-depth look into one of the most advanced devices from Resmed to date. Packed with lots of features into an incredibly small package, I’m sure it should leave you impressed.

From all the added features and general operation to user feedback and more. There is certainly enough to help you make up your mind. Not sure this device is for you? Why not look at the overview of these four travel CPAP devices!

As can be seen from the device and the masks there has been a lot of thought put into the design of this. User comfort and portability are real winners here. One drawback this causes is the limited availability of different masks. Read on to find out more.

Device Overview

Resmed Airmini Left Side ViewTake a look at the device. Doesn’t it look so compact! As previously mentioned, this is a seriously small piece of kit. With stylish looks to go it also looks the part. Does it work too? Well, I would say, it does!

Another of the unique feature of this device has to be comfort that users find while using the Resmed Airmini. This is due to the lightweight masks available, even though the range is limited.

This device isn’t exactly the quietest machine on the market either. There are other devices which may be quieter in operation. So, if you are sensitive to noise, this may not be the best choice for you.

To help you work out if this is the device for you I will break down the following to look into individually:

  1. Humidifying capabilities
  2. Portability of the machine
  3. Functions and features of the device
  4. Sound output in operation
  5. Limitations in available masks
  6. Airmini App and data tracking
  7. Availability of power options

Hopefully by breaking down each item you will be made aware of all the features and benefits. This should help you to make the right choice in which machine is right for you.

On-Board Humidifier – HumidX

HumidX and HumidX Plus Humidifier CartridgeEven though the Airmini does not have a separate water tank, it does have certain humidifying properties. There is the option of using a cartridge in the hose which provides moisture. It does this by capturing the condensation and heat in the exhaled breath. This moisture and heat is then reused during inhalation to help avoid dry mouth and sinuses.

The name of this system is HumidX. It is a heat/moisture exchange unit (HME). Even though it does help to alleviate the dry mouth and sinuses caused by CPAP use, it is not perfect. It will never reuse 100% of the captured heat and moisture. Even if it is great at helping to keep your throat lubed up, like any travel CPAP, it is only a compromise for portability.

ActiveAir And HumidX Inline ConnectorThe cartridges are recommended to be changed 30 days after opening the pack. So, if you only use it sporadically, you may find that you have to change the cartridge every time you use it. There are also two different types of cartridges, HumidX and HumidX Plus. The latter cartridge has the ability of providing more moisture, useful in drier environments.

This is a system that Resmed has designed themselves. The unique valve in the connector at the mask enables exhaled air to pass out the connector, instead of the mask. This design does mean that there are only a few masks available.


Resmed AirMini On A PlaneThe Resmed Airmini is easily one of the smallest and lightest travel CPAP devices available. With the machine easily fitting into the corner of any carry-on luggage, it is super portable. No more feelings of being sleep deprived, as you can keep up your CPAP therapy while on-the-go.

This device really excels for air travelers. It is fully FAA approved, so you will find no problems using it on a plane. Equally, useful for truckers, anyone on boats and even camping, it is that small and compact. Another good quality it has is got to be its looks. Resmed has really made a device that looks sleek and stylish, other travelers will be left wishing that they had one of their own! Weighing in at only 0.66pd makes it very easy to carry around with you.

Handy carry cases and travel bags are also available to help keep your device and accessories safe. Just wrap them up, stick them in a corner of your case, and you are good to go! Many airlines even allow you to carry them on in their own bag if you like, as it is a medical device. Then, it isn’t even counted towards your baggage allowance, generally.

Functions And Features

Resmed AirSense 10 AutosetFrom such a small device, you could be forgiven for thinking it would lack in features. But, this is not the case here. The software behind the therapy is quoted by the manufacturer to be exactly the same as their bedside machines. This should help with comfort and ease of use.

The device also has a few different modes of operation. This enables it to be run in positive airways pressure CPAP mode or autoset CPAP mode. Autoset mode allows for the air pressure to be adjusted during use, to aid with therapy and comfort. If your sleep study shows that you would require auto-CPAP, this has that feature. Another useful mode is autoset for her – another feature to aid with comfort during use.

Warning SignThere is also a wide range of operating pressures available. The device is rated to supply between 4 to 20 cm H2O (4 to 20 hPa) in either of the operating modes. This is quite a high pressure that this device is able to provide. Some devices only go up to 14 cm H20, so keep an eye out to ensure you have enough pressure for your needs. Your sleep specialist would be able to help advise you on your individual pressure settings.

The tolerances for the safe operation of this device are between sea level up to 2591m. This is an air pressure range from 1013 hPa to 738hPa respectively. Temperature range is also very large, and can be used between -25C and +70C with an air humidity in the region of 10 to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing.

Sound Output

Speaker Showing LoudnessAs with any mini CPAP device these are generally noisier than home machines. This is caused by the motor and fan being smaller, so runs much quicker. This is generally a property that travel CPAP’s share. The device is not one of the quietest on the market as it is rated at 29db (+-2db).

There are others rated at fewer decibels but these may have higher pitched motors. I feel that the device isn’t too bad for noise, but again, everyone is different. Unfortunately I can not tell you if it will be quite enough for you, but I can say that to me it is a soothing hum.

One of the factors where noise is reduced is due to the special valve in the line. When you exhale, as the valve is not directly on the mask and is in the line instead, it is quieter during exhale. It is also less likely to vent into your eyes. As the valve is pressure sensitive, it even vents less at higher pressures than a normal mask would. This is what enables it to run at such a high pressure for a portable device, as well.

Mask Limitations

Resmed F20 Full Face MaskSome users do find that this device has some limitations due to mask availability. There are only a few masks that are designed to work with the device. Though there are only a few types, Resmed has tried to make sure there is one for everyone.

Options of different masks available are either full face, nasal masks or nasal pillow mask. The nasal pillow mask is designed to go under the nose and provides a clear field of vision during use. All the mask types are reported to be especially comfortable, though as with any device, personal preference prevails. Therefore, if you find that the masks aren’t for you, then you will be left feeling isolated and lost.

One factor to be aware of though, the full face mask is not compatible with the HumidX cartridges. So if you need a full face mask and want to use the waterless humidifying cartridge, you will find this is not possible.

Custom Airmini App

AirMini App On PhoneBoasting Bluetooth connectivity, the device is able to communicate directly with your smartphone. By downloading the Airmini App you are able to see easily how well your therapy is going. The app will let you know if your mask is sealing correctly, how many events you had during sleep and even if you took your mask off, among many others.

The App is really user-friendly and easy to use. This helps you to get the best out of your CPAP treatment. Storing data for up to 30 days, it shows you a therapy score every morning for the previous nights sleep, and you can even send the data to your own sleep specialist for study! Another useful feature to ensure you get your best treatment for obstructive sleep apnea.

While using your travel CPAP machine, if you have issues with therapy then the data tracking facility really comes into its own. Enabling you to quickly troubleshoot issues before they become a problem. Then if they do become a problem, just downloading the data to your sleep specialist may save a visit to the sleep center. Your consultant can help you figure out issues just with your own sleep data! This can save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run.

Power Options

Resmed AirMini Power SupplyThis is one to be aware of. These devices run at 24 volts. You will find issues trying to run them off say, a car battery. Cars are generally only 12v. Trucks generally have 24v electrical systems and many boats. So, therefore your options for powering this device are limited.

Included with this device for power is an electrical adapter to power up from mains power. If you have access to mains power, then there will be no issues. As the device has no battery option, it needs mains power. Otherwise, if you don’t have a 24v electrical system, the only other way to power it off the grid would be to use an aftermarket battery.

If only the device had an integrated battery pack, then I would find it one of the best overall. But for a device of this grade to not have an integrated battery I feel it is let down. I mean, nearly everything has a lithium ion battery in it these days! Many users would feel more comfortable sleeping next to an authorized battery pack, as opposed to an aftermarket one. Especially when their health counts on it.

Overall Thoughts

Buy Now Button Resmed AirMini Travel CPAP ReviewsI think this device is a great addition for your CPAP therapy. It works really well for fliers and has good data recording through the dedicated App. As long as you don’t require battery capabilities, this is one of the best devices for portability and comfort.

The waterless humidification technology is really good and aids to the small size of the device. Most users can easily find a mask so this shouldn’t put you off too much. Comfort is a real benefit while using this device, no-one likes red marks!

Resmed AirMini Angled ViewIt may not be the cheapest device available, but packed with features and stylish to boot, it should fit most peoples needs. And as with any CPAP device, it will take some time getting used to, so give it a chance. And above all – make sure you use it. No benefit will be had if it isn’t used 100% of the time.

Still, unsure if this is the device for you? Take a look at another review I have done on the Philips Respironics DreamStation Go.

If you have experienced these machines or suffer from sleep apnea, why not post a quick reply to help others with their struggle. Or even if you have used them and found they didn’t work for your let others know what you found while using them. On that note, I wish your all a very good night!


Resmed AirMini


Value For Money


Ease Of Use





  • Compact Design
  • Waterless Humidifier
  • Lightweight


  • No Integrated Battery
  • Small Choice Of Masks
  • Noisy Pump Unit

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  1. What is the power consumption of this device?
    Are there any portable CPAP machines that either do have a battery that will last the night or can run or 12v? What are their power consumptions too?
    Thanks, Ralph

    • Hi Ralph,

      As any battery device varies in consumption by usage, among other factors, I have attached a table to show you how it performs at various settings. It compares it to 12v (from manufacturer) but you need to use a transformer to get 24v.

      AirMini Power Consumption

      The DreamStation Go has a battery that can last up to 13 hours at 10cm of H2O. But it is 24v also.

      Somnetics Transcend 3 is 12v – if you want one that easily powers through 12v with no adaptors then that may be a good choice.

      Compare them here…

      Hope this helps and you can find one that works for you!

      Take care,



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