Respironics Dreamstation Reviews – Are They Up To The Job?

DreamStation Hose And Mask Respironics DreamStation Reviews

Buy Now Button Respironics DreamStation ReviewsLet us take a full deep look into the new device from Philips to see what the devices features and limitations are. Many users experience will be drawn upon to build a thorough Respironics Dreamstation reviews. I believe you should have as much information as possible before deciding on your chosen machine.

The new device on offer from Philips is the Respironics Dreamstation Go. It is designed around portability. And these devices really do excel there. While managing to achieve this, they were also the first ever portable CPAP machine to come with a real humidifier.

Custom narrow gauge pipework are also one of the other unique features that the device has to offer. This helps with the devices weight for carrying and also while using. The light pipework means that extra comfort can be achieved in use. The pipes used here are 12mm compared to the regular 15mm, but regular size can also be used.

General Overview

Air Traveler Respironics DreamStation ReviewsWhen they thought these devices up, they were keeping the air traveler in mind. Packed with so many features, it makes them great for taking through security. They are FAA approved so there are no issues at check-in. They can be easily tucked into your hand carry and pulled out in-flight.

The Dreamstation Go makes it a breeze in use due to the handy touchscreen. It would be difficult to find another device with a more user-friendly interface. Many settings are immediately available right at your fingertips! This unique feature is something that really helps to make them easy to use.

Aura CPAP Nasal Mask Respironics DreamStation ReviewsOne of the good things about these devices is the that they take any mask. You won’t be stuck to a limited choice of masks when you have one of these. Many users get quite attached to a certain mask, and those who don’t may not like the few on offer! So, no problem there, Philips has you covered.

Dry mouth using CPAP? Problem solved. You won’t have to suffer anymore from that on your travels. Even during development one of the features was always a real humidifier with a tank. There is an optional upgrade to add a tank and heated humidifier to your device.

Additional Optional Upgrades

Go Humidifier Respironics Dreamstation ReviewsTo compliment the Philips Respironics Dreamstation Go there are lots of handy upgrades available. Many of these provide additional benefits to the user. Base modals can feature fixed pressure or auto pressure. The humidifier is a great upgrade – essential if you suffer from dry, sore throats using CPAP.

Having its own dedicated power supply means fewer wires and leads though. Cutting down on the chance of leaving something behind in a hotel room!

Highlights & Features

Go Touchscreen Respironics DreamStation ReviewsThere are so many things this device has got going for it. It even looks sleek and the touchscreen really makes it feel so modern. All round a well-built machine that feels like it has good quality. Really useful is the ability to use tap water instead of either bottled or distilled water. Wikipedia even describes the difficulty involved in getting distilled water.

These devices come with a system called the Flex Pressure Relief system. This is designed to lower the pressure during exhalation. This is to allow a more natural and comfortable feeling while breathing.

A great feature of the device has to be the user interface. The effortless swiping and tapping on the touchscreen really is a breeze. Easy to understand as the pictures help you navigate through the various menu tabs and settings.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity & App
  • Use With Any Mask
  • USB Power Out – Charge Your Phone
  • Microflex 12mm Tubing
  • Use Any Water In Humidifier
  • Runs Off AC Or Built-In Battery
  • 13 Hours Runtime At 10cm Of Pressure
  • Flex Pressure Relief For More Comfort
  • Color Touchscreen
  • MicroSD Card Port
  • Compatible With DreamMapper Software

go heated CPAP Tubing Respironics DreamStation ReviewsBulging with features this device has a lot to offer. From the heated humidifier upgrade to the unique Microflex tubing it has tried to set new standards in portable CPAP technology. Lightweight and portable so its easy to carry around and user-friendly interfaces give it a heads up above the competition.

There are many variations in type of tubing as well. The modal on display here is the heated tubing. This helps to increase the humidifiers efficiency. Other variants include standard tubing and even thermal insulation tubing for use in extreme cold environments! One thing to think about if you plan on camping in the winter.

Issues & Drawbacks

Though this is a section where there is not too many items to report, some users have found problems. These are mainly to do with noise issues from the units. There have been reports between different users of noises from masks, tubing and also the pump unit itself. There have been the occasional report of high water consumption, but this seems to be rare.

  • Noisy Pump Unit Rated At 30db
  • Reports Of Noise Through Microflex Tubing
  • Prone To Developing Clicking Noises
  • Bulky With Humidifier Attached
  • Microflex Tubing Can Increase Noise Levels

Partners Holding Hands Respironics DreamStation ReviewsAs you can clearly see there are not too many negatives when you look at these devices. Only issue is that if you are prone to that certain tone of noise, it will bother you. Or your partner, if you may be lucky enough to still have one.

There have been a few reports from users that the devices can start to develop clicking noises when breathing in. These have all been reportedly replaced under warranty, no questions asked. I suspect it to have something to do with the Flex Pressure Relief system, which lowers pressure during exhale.

User Feedback

Woman Feeling Happy Floating Respironics DreamStation ReviewsOverall reports from users were really good. Many users liked these devices and did not find the noise to be an issue. Most instances of noise I think can be attributed to the casing at the air intake and the flow through the tubing.

Of the reports that came in about the clicking noises developing, the units were replaced. All under warranty. Users were still overall happy with their devices due to the ease of replacement.

A handful of reports came in about the water consumption being high. This was attributed to the low humidity in their environment. The devices are auto-adjusting the water feed, so as not to pump you full of water if its not needed! In these cases, water use will be high.

Some users did also report that their batteries were not quite lasting a full night, which is worrying. This could be due to higher pressure settings, ambient temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions. I’m sure we all are aware of how batteries can vary greatly.

Overall Product Ratings

  • Value for money is rated quite good at 8 out of 10. The device isn’t too expensive but the add ons do increase the price. Not so much as some of the competitors devices, though.
  • Ease of use is rated very highly at 9 out of 10. This is down to the excellent touch screen and the use of the DreamMaker App. Very user friendly device that works well.
  • Battery Life is rated average at 7 out of 10. The battery life in some circumstances may be lacking. If you use a high pressure you may find the battery lacking.
  • Build Quality is rated quite good at 8 out of 10. A well refined looking device that has a modern look and feel. If it wasn’t for the reports of the warranty claims it would be higher.
  • Quality of treatment is rated at excellent at 10 out of 10. The device easily achieves this by the highly advanced internals. The feeling after use with the humidifier is second to none in travel CPAP.

Should You Buy This?

Buy Now Button Respironics DreamStation ReviewsWe give a thumbs up for this one. I’m pretty certain that as long as you can take the extra noise compared to a larger home device then you will too. While there have been a few reports of noise, the amount of happy users outweigh these.

Being FAA Certified they are great for taking away on your travels. Handy AC power and backup power by the on-board battery make it really portable. Great for sticking in your hand carry by being so compact.

Tap Running Water Respironics DreamStation Reviews

One of the main selling points is the humidifier system. Having a full heated system with the water tank really makes a difference if you tend to get a dry throat using these devices.

Having the ability to fill it with tap water instead of having to use purified water makes it very convenient. Not having to worry about bringing water or trying to boil water when you are off the grid.

Still not sure if this is the right device for you? I have another article where I look at some of differences between this and three other devices! Hopefully this can help to make sure you do select the right device for you.

If you have experienced these devices or suffer from sleep apnea, why not post a quick reply to help others with their struggle. Or even if you have used them but found something else that works better let others know about it here. On that note, I wish you all a very good night!

dreamStation Go Travel CPAP Machine


Value For Money


Ease Of Use


Battery Life



  • Color Touchscreen
  • Use With Any Mask
  • MicroSD Card Port


  • Noisy Pump Unit
  • Bulky With Humidifier
  • Tubing Can Increase Noise

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