Snoring Sleep Apnea Aids – A Guide To Available Treatments

Clipart Man Snoring In BedThe market is flooded with so many types of devices that can help alleviate the symptoms of snoring. There is so much to choose from it can be daunting when you eventually decide to get help. This puts so many people off in trying to help themselves, that they normally just give up and try to live with the snoring. Usually to the dismay and continued suffering of their other half.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. Armed with the right knowledge you can be able to find out what works for you. There will be one or another snoring sleep apnea aids out there that will help you with your problem. We are able to walk you through some differences between the devices and also some benefits and also any issues that we found with each. Read what implications can be caused without treatment here at Wikipedia.

Over The Counter Remedies

Inside A PharmacyThere are various brands of anti-snoring sprays that are widely available. But you have to be aware when you have sleep apnea you have to read the instructions. Some manufacturers recommend that you do not use at all if you suffer from sleep apnea.

The true value of these types of aids vary widely from person to person. Many studies point to the fact that it may only be the mint flavors temporarily relieving congestion which gives the illusion that they work. Then the effect wears off as you get used to the product.

One often overlooked fact is the consumption of any type of depressant, which includes alcohol and sleeping tablets. These also have the unintended effect of increasing the amount of snoring due to the extra relaxation of the airways, so should be avoided.

Unobtrusive Devices – Nasal Strips

Nasal StripsThe selection of devices in the category could be described as wide and varied. Although they may seem basic, they can be very effective. Some say they do not help for sleep apnea but as they are relatively inexpensive I believe they are worth a try. These attach to the skin by really good sticky material and help by holding the airway open. They are able to do so by being very stiff and pull on the bridge of the nose keeping the airway open. Even I am finding that I don’t waken myself up with my own snoring using these and my partner loves it when I use them!

These devices are surprisingly long-lasting and can be used for a few uses before the adhesive wears off and they no longer stick. Jumbo packs are available to help keep costs low. Certainly worth the money if they can help you.

Techniques And Posture

Anti Snoring Contour PillowOne of the easiest ways to ensure that it isn’t your posture that is causing your snoring is by using a special snoring positioning pillow. These are designed to work by making sure that your airways stay open by properly supporting your neck and head especially while sleeping on your back.

It is well-known that sleeping on your back can be a contributor to louder snoring and a disturbed sleep. The position that you are sleeping in can be the reason that your airways are under strain. Your windpipe may be getting either collapsed or squeezed. In this case a positioning pillow may be of great benefit.

There are so many unique shapes and sizes with varying degrees of firmness. The task of finding just the right pillow can be severely daunting and bring a lot of sleepless nights. Unless you are lucky and pick the right pillow first time. I thought I had and endured an uncomfortable pillow for some time until I realized it was making me not sleep properly.

Shaped Anti Snoring PillowSo I can safely say that there can be many attempts to find just the right pillow that works for you. I have found myself taking each pillow in the store to a bed to try it lying down, get home with it then find out I cannot sleep with it. But it did pay off when I kept trying and found the perfect pillow that I am comfortable with and also helps to alleviate my incessant snoring.

The Holy Grail Of Interventions

Mandibular Re-Positioning DeviceIf you just find that none of these methods work and your snoring is just getting too much for you and your family, then it doesn’t leave you with many options. There is another product that I would say is very intensive in its treatment. It is the treatment recommended for sleep apnea but it does come with a few potential side effects caused by how the device works. It is called a mandibular re-positioning device.

The device works by basically holding the lower jaw forward throughout the night. It clips into your teeth and by keeping the jaw forward it is able to keep the windpipe in a less restricted position. Snoring caused by a restricted windpipe coupled with a disturbed sleep is eliminated.

Due to the device fitting into your teeth it is made to fit. This is something that your dentist will probably be able to advise you on. There are a lot of restrictions in being able to use a device like this even before you start to think about any side effects. You must have a suitable number of healthy teeth for the device to grip against. Oral hygiene must be sufficient and the health and condition of the gums must be taken into account.

dentist Fixing Model Of TeethBecause the device works by holding your jaw in a different place while you sleep, this can cause various issues with the teeth. There can be teeth that become slack that were healthy. Any number of teeth can be realigned causing your normal ‘bite’ to change. While the jaw is held forward overnight this can also cause general pain in the muscles and also in the jaw joint itself. Pain can also be felt in the teeth or gums. Having the device in your mouth overnight has the potential to either cause excess salivation or a dry mouth occasionally, from person to person.

Will They Help Me?

Girl Tucked In Under CoversIf you have read this you know that either your own snoring or someone you love is having problems with their sleep. The benefits to having relief from snoring go a long way from the obvious ones of having a quieter night. When someone is snoring during the night, they are also having a poor rest. It is well proven of the decrease in mood, health and concentration levels that poor sleep causes.

When you are able to get respite from the snoring and poor sleep it causes you are able to get such a better sleep you feel so refreshed each day. I know myself I now actually get less sleep because my rest that I do get is of better quality and I am able to wake up so much easier. No more snoozing the alarm feeling and going through the day feeling like a zombie.

So you owe it to yourself to try something and remember it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Try not to get dejected feeling when you try something that doesn’t work or doesn’t feel comfortable at first. Give it a good shot then try something else until you find what works for you.

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If you have experienced any of these devices or suffer from sleep apnea why not post a quick reply to help others with their struggle. Even if you have used them and found they didn’t work for you let others know what you found while using them. On that note, I wish you all a very good night!

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  1. Hi,
    I am very much familiar with this case. My husband snores a lot– and believe me it’s really hard for me.
    We have tried the nasal strips you mentioned but, didn’t work. Then with research, I mean googling, we learned that posture may be the cause too, so we changed our bed and pillows, unfortunately it didn’t work as well.
    But I haven’t heard of mandibular re-positioning device. It looks like dentures and it seems that only professionals should do it for you, am I right?
    How does it work though? Would you be able to remove it at day time?

    Based on your article, it seems that there’s a lot of inconvenience upon using it, yet you still recommend it. Did it work for you?

    • Hi Mina,

      Thanks for your response, I’m sorry to hear of your families struggles. I will try to answer your questions to the best of my knowledge.

      The mandibular re-positioning device should only be fitted by professionals as it is imperative you have enough healthy teeth before use. Teeth can become slack through use, this is exacerbated if the teeth are not healthy.

      The device is only worn during sleep. It is removed when you wake up. The device works by basically pulling the lower jaw forward so as to avoid the airway collapsing.

      The issues that OSA causes really need to be dealt with. There can be serious medical issues caused by failure to deal with it. So, unfortunately, there are issues with using any treatment method. This one does work though, and can be much easier than using CPAP which some people can’t use.

      If you want to find out more about CPAP see my other article about does CPAP stop snoring, hopefully it may be of benefit to you.

      Good luck and take care,



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