Transcend Mini Travel CPAP Review – How It Ticks The Boxes

Transcend 3 Mini CPAP KitBuy Now Button Transcend 3 Mini CPAP DeviceLooking for your new portable CPAP device? My Transcend Mini Travel CPAP review has all you need to know about the machine. This could be your next travel CPAP, so let’s see if it has everything you need and expect.

One of the unique features of this device has to be its adaptability. There are so many power options and different battery choices that it is very durable. This device will excel in an environment where mains power is limited.

Device Overview

The Transcend 3 is a travel CPAP device for users on a budget. Although it is a relatively inexpensive device, it packs a lot of features. You would be surprised to find out all the software it has under the hood. Even though it is a cheap device, your treatment won’t leave you feeling like you have cut corners.

Transcend 3 In HandThis device is so practical in the wilderness. Fitting into the palm of your hand, it is easily transported. With all the options available for power and its rugged design, it can almost go anywhere!

Another CPAP device that has not got silent running. This device is rated at 30db, so not as quiet as some other travel CPAP’s. It does only weigh in at just over 1 pound though, so it’s not all so bad.

To try to look into some features of the Transcend 3 auto mini CPAP I will highlight some of these ideas with further details:

  1. Battery and power options
  2. Size and weight
  3. Humidifier options
  4. Functions and features
  5. Simplicity of the User Interface
  6. Flexibility during use
  7. Operating range and stats

By breaking down these items into some better detail, hopefully you can get a good idea if the Transcend 3 is right for you.

Battery Choices, Charging And Supply

Transcend 3 P4 Single Night BatteryThis is the best topic to start on for this device! It really succeeds in being a device that you could easily rely on where power is limited. From the choice of either a P4 single night battery or the P8 overnight battery options you won’t be lacking on power.

These relatively small packs provide the Transcend 3 with power for extended periods. The P8 overnight battery has been stated by the manufacturer to be able to supply 14cm H2O for over 16 hours! Now, I would say that at that high a pressure it is pretty impressive for a travel CPAP device.

Somnetics Transcend 3 Solar Battery ChargerAnother really excellent little option that has got be of great benefit is the solar charger. Imagine being away camping for a week. Armed with a P8 battery you can do this. Just charge up your battery during the day with the solar charger.

Worried there may be no sun? Well, they have thought of it all. Using the handy 12v power kit option you can charge your battery or even run your device off your car battery, or any other 12v source. Look at the battery stats on the manufacturer’s website.

Size, Weight And Noise

Transcend 3 Hand SizedAs you can see the device easily fits into the palm of your hand! This mini CPAP is a very compact device which can tuck away quite easily. The Transcend 3 comes in a handy little padded travel bag for ease of handling. The dimensions of the device are: 7.48 in x 3.74 in X 3.7 in (19 cm x 9.5 cm X 9.4 cm).

You won’t find yourself straining too much if you are carrying it around you while out walking or cycling, either. It has to be one of the lightest devices available at only 1.09 pounds! Now that is one light CPAP device.

Even though this device is rated at 30db, it really doesn’t sound that loud in operation. Maybe it has something to do with the tone of the motor, it seems quieter than some others rated at 30db. Maybe only from certain angles so if you find it is too loud just turn the CPAP machine round a little.

Humidifier Options

Transcend 3 HME CartridgeUnfortunately, the transcend 3 doesn’t have any water based humidifier options. But this has to be expected from such an inexpensive and lightweight machine. Another reason why the battery usage is so good with these devices.

Somnetics have come up with a solution, though. They have released their version of the HME (Heat/Moisture Exchange) cartridge for use with the Transcend 3. These work like similar devices from other manufacturer’s.

The cartridges are items that require regular replacement. As with other manufacturer’s, they have a recommended replacement time. Weekly or when moisture supply becomes reduced, is what Somnetics recommend.

While this machine doesn’t have a humidifier, it does have a special feature for after treatment. The device can be switched into drying mode to run the blower at a lower speed for 30 minutes to remove any moisture that has been built up inside the CPAP device.

Functions And Features

Transcend 3 And AirMini Comparison ChartThere are actually quite a lot of different features under the hood. These are all to help with the treatment quality that is provided. Many of the features included you would only expect to see on some more expensive CPAP machines.

For extra comfort in use the Transcend 3 uses a feature it calls EZEX. This allows extra user comfort by lowering the pressure on exhalation. This makes it feel better for the user by allowing you to feel less resistance while breathing out. The function is also variable or you can turn it off completely.

Transcend 3 and Z2 Comparison Chart

Another useful function that this mini CPAP device has is the ramp function. Again, this is to aid in the comfort during use. It does this by starting treatment at a lower pressure, then it gradually builds up the pressure as you fall asleep. This can really benefit some users who feel suffocated when putting this device on.

Transcend 3 Top ViewYou would not know about any of these features by looking at the device. All the settings are configured by plugging it into a PC and using the software for the device.

This is also a great device for the air traveler. The Transcend 3 is fully FAA certified so you can safely use it aboard a plane. Another necessary feature if you plan to use it on board an aircraft to keep up your treatment mid-flight, so you don’t arrive at your destination feeling sleep deprived.

Simple To Operate

Transcend 3 Software Tracking GraphsThere are only 2 buttons on the device. There are also only 2 LED lights. Not too much to try to work out then! Well, there is the software to download if you do need to track any of your data. Or this is how you may be able to change the ramp up and EZEX settings, if you like.

The software allows you to be able to see some details about your treatment. These are:

  • Usage
  • Leak summary
  • Pressure summary
  • AHI – Events per hour of use
  • Patient therapy setting

During your diagnosis you will have had a sleep study conducted by a sleep specialist. They will be able to make sure your air pressure and general CPAP therapy settings are correct. This ensures you will have to suffer the least symptoms of sleep apnea as your treatment is set to optimum for you.

Transcend 3 Software Basic SetupOther data that can be accessed using the software includes the average leak percentile and average pressure use. This data can be filtered into rows or could even be set to display in graphs. This can help to let you see if your treatment is working correctly for you.

Transcend 3 Basic ControlsThe two buttons that are on the device either turn it on and off, set the device into ramp mode or start the drying cycle. Similarly, the two LED’s basically indicate that the device has either powered up successfully or has developed a fault. The LED’s turn off after powering up, so as not to disturb your sleep.


Here is one of the greatest areas this mini CPAP device excels. Due to the different power options available it becomes a very flexible CPAP machine indeed. The batteries last a considerable amount of time given the pressure they are rated to operate at.

Transcend Battery Usage GuideThe P4 single night battery is stated as giving up to 9 hours usage at 14cm H2O, while the P8 multi night battery supplies up to 16 hours at 14cm H2O. Users have reported real life usage of these batteries can provide up to 30 hours at 6cm H2O! As described previously though, batteries and operating conditions all vary, so experiences can differ.

Transcend 3 P8 Over Night BatteryThat is only the start of it with this CPAP device. Found yourself needing more power options? Why not have the option to recharge those batteries during the day via a solar charger. This is possible with the addition of the solar charger from Somnetics specially designed for the Transcend 3.

No sunshine? Think you won’t sleep? Somnetics has you covered again. Having the capability to be able to charge up or even operate your device from a 12v supply is of great benefit. Your automotive system is normally 12v so there are many other devices and systems that are 12v and are able to give you the power you need.

Another reason this machine is so flexible is the fact that it is not mask specific. You can basically just use your regular mask with this device. It means you don’t have to get used to using another mask. This can make a big difference if you only use it occasionally, as most people would. You can pretty much start using it and receive the benefits that treatment provides straight away.

Operating Range

Transcend 3 Mountain RangeThe Transcend 3 mini CPAP has quite a good operating range. It is able to provide between 4cm and 20cm H2O. Also, it can supply this with an error tolerance of +-1cm H20 or 10% – whichever is greatest.

It can also supply this while taking atmospheric changes up to 8000 feet. As long as you are within this altitude then it can safely regulate and adjust the pressure according to the conditions.

Recommended operating temperature for this device is +5C to +35C. So this is something to be aware of. If you plan on using your CPAP outside in wintry conditions, you may find that it will not work properly. It should not be used if there is any chance of frost. It may be stored in colder conditions but it is not safe to use any colder.

The environmental humidity for the device to work correctly also has to be inside a certain range. This is stated as to be between 10% to 80% relative humidity, non-condensing for the positive airway pressure CPAP to work as desired.

Overall Thoughts

Buy Now Button Transcend 3 Mini CPAP DeviceA really useful little travel CPAP device. Easily transported and even comes in its own carry case! This would be a great addition to your CPAP treatment if you sometimes need to use it where there is limited mains power.

Having the in-line humidifier cartridges does help towards providing some moisture in the air. Though not the greatest system, it does help. You will notice when the cartridge starts to deteriorate if you use it.

Having the ability to just grab your existing mask and use it is a real selling point. Not having to adjust to a mask that you may only use infrequently seems a real bonus. So, if you have a favorite mask, make sure your new device will allow to use it! This one will. This also suits any sleeper. If you sleep on your side it’s no problem. Using your own mask you won’t even notice any difference!

Transcend 3 With Bluetooth AdaptorAlthough the user interface does seem a bit basic, under the hood the device does have some good features. This may be one of the reasons that the device can be so reasonably priced. I think it’s really good value for such a useful device with so many of these features.

Maybe this device isn’t the one for you. There are some other travel CPAP devices that may be worth looking at. Maybe these will be better suited for your needs.

If you have experienced these machines or suffer from sleep apnea, why not post a quick reply to help others with their struggle. Or even if you have used them and found they didn’t work for you, let others know what you found while using them. On that note, I wish you all a very good night!

Transcend 3 Mini Travel CPAP


Value For Money


Ease Of Use





  • Compact Design
  • Power Options
  • Value For Money


  • Waterless Humidifier
  • Basic Interface
  • Limited Data Tracking

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  1. Hello. I don’t know to much about these type of products, but can honestly say if I was having to use a CPAP device I would be sold on the Transcend 3 Mini Travel CPAP. Your explanation on the product and the benefits it offers with the ease of being able to use it pretty much anywhere is great ! Great article.

    • Hi Felicity,

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  2. Looks like a wonderful product. Your introduction is very informative.

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    • Hi Daisy,

      If you are looking for a product that has a water based humidifier then i would say that the Respironics DreamStation Go would be worth a look. This device is really handy, it can take even tap water for greater flexibility.

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